Call for Papers in Journal of Symmetry: Special Issue - Human Behavioral Analysis for Face and Gesture: Pathways to automation

Call for Papers Aug 28, 2018

Something a little different for a change, I wanted to share a new Call for Papers, which I will be co-editing alongside my colleagues Dr. Moi Hoon Yap and Dr. Ryan Cunningham in Journal of Symmetry.

You can read the full CfP here.

The CfP is focused on the concept of symmetry and asymmetry of human face and body, with a focus on human behavioral analysis and the development of frameworks to allow for automated analysis (e.g. objective measurements, assessments and evaluation). The call was inspired by our recent works (e.g. Leightley et al. 2018 and Leightley et al. 2017) which have sought to provide descriptive information about human motion to aid in clinical understanding and diagnosis.

The full call is below, but it is important to stress that we have intentionally left the call vague to allow for a range of interdisciplinary works to be represented.


Dear Colleagues,

Human face and body are symmetrical, research to understand symmetry and asymmetry is important for human behavioral analysis, particularly for automated analysis to provide objective measurements, assessments and evaluations. Recent advances in imaging and sensing have enabled rapid growth in the field of human behavioral analysis. Human behaviour is a revealing trait and a vital biometric characteristic. It can provide insight into a person’s health, age, emotions and feelings, mental health and intentions. In addition, new modalities of data (i.e., passive data collection from mobile, wearable technology) provide additional ‘context’ to what is observed through sensing. Combining these technologies has led to an increased understanding of human behavior, particularly in the field of face and gesture analysis for use in healthcare, gaming, and retail.

This Special Issue focuses on datasets/data sharing, technological challenges in the analysis/measurement of human behaviors, the implication of human behaviors for clinical/healthcare applications and human perception/psychology/physiology on human behaviors. We aim to promote interactions between researchers, scholars, practitioners, engineers and students, from across industry and academia, on all aspects of human behavior. Cross-discipline work is highly encouraged. We welcome original works that address a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Subtle/micro face and gesture movements analysis;
  • Technology in automated human behavior measurement;
  • Machine learning and deep learning in human behavior analysis;
  • Real-time face and motion analysis;
  • Face and motion recognition on mobile devices;
  • Analysis of human motion for clinical application;
  • Face analysis for clinical application;
  • The cost advantages of behavior technology in-the-wild;
  • Uniting sensing and wearable technology;
  • Novel datasets for human behavioral analysis.

The study/pilot of symmetrical analysis on face and gesture and its implications;
Applications in other domains are welcome, though we ask that you please contact the Guest Editors.