Below you will find a list of publications which I have authored and/or co-authored. Where possible I have provided the PDF, or a direct link to the document. You can find my Google Scholar Profile here.


Identifying probable Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Applying supervised machine learning to data from a UK military cohort. Daniel Leightley, Victoria Williamson, John Darby and Nicola T. Fear, Journal of Mental Health, 2018.

A Smartphone App and Personalized Text Messaging Framework (InDEx) to Monitor and Reduce Alcohol Use in Ex-Serving Personnel: Development and Feasibility Study. Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt, Norman Jones, Toktam Mahmoodi, Zoe Chui, Matt Field, Colin Drummond, Roberto J. Rona, Nicola T Fear and Laura Goodwin. Journal of Internet Medical Research: mHealth & uHealth, 2018.

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Automated Analysis and Quantification of Human Mobility using a Depth Sensor. Daniel Leightley, Jamie S. McPhee and Moi-Hoon Yap. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2017. Featured Article

Conferences (full length).

Modelling attributes of common mental health disorders in adolescents using audio-visual data. Daniel Leightley, Alice Wickersham and Nicola T. Fear. Measuring Behaviour, 2018.

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Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Motion Instability Identification using Kinect. Daniel Leightley, Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay, Hemant Ghayvat and Moi Hoon Yap. Conference on Machine Vision Applications, 2017. (PDF) [207kb] | (Poster) [565kb]

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Development of Exergame-based Virtual Trainer for Physical Therapy using Kinect. Baihua Li, Mark Maxwell, Daniel Leightley, Angela Lindsay, Wendy Johnson and Andrew Ruck. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Games for Health, 2015. (PDF) [251kb]

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Micro-Facial Movements: An Investigation on Spatio-Temporal Descriptors. Adrian K. Davison, Moi Hoon Yap, Nicholas Costen, Kevin Tan, Cliff Lansley and Daniel Leightley. European Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, 2014. (PDF) [1.1MB]

Human Activity Recognition for Physical Rehabilitation. Daniel Leightley, John Darby, Baihua Li, Jamie S. McPhee and Moi Hoon Yap. IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 2013. (PDF) [250kb]


Information about Drinking for Ex-serving personnel: Development of a smartphone application (app) for alcohol monitoring. Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt and Laura Goodwin. 4th Annual Conference - Behaviour Change for Health: Digital & Beyond, London, 2018. (Presentation Slides [3.9mb])

Information about Drinking for Ex-Serving Personnel (InDEx): Development of a smartphone application (app) for alcohol monitoring. Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt and Laura Goodwin. 13th UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting: Working together for healthy living: Multidisciplinary behavioural medicine, Liverpool, December 2017. (Abstract [431kb])

Can we use Outpatient and Accident & Emergency records from Health
Episode Statistics for epidemiological research?
. Daniel Leightley, Zoe Chui and Laura Goodwin. 18th meeting of the Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry of the European Psychiatric Association, Sweden, November 2016. (Poster [850kb])

Understanding NHS hospital admissions in England, Scotland and Wales: data linkage to the King’s Centre for Military Health Research Cohort Study. Daniel Leightley, Zoe Chui and Laura Goodwin. International Population Data Linkage Conference, Swansea, August 2016. (Presentation Slides)

Understanding hospital admissions for military personnel in England, Scotland and Wales: a data linkage study. Daniel Leightley, Zoe Chui and Laura Goodwin. Society for Social Medicine’s 60th Annual Scientific Meeting, York, September 2016. (Poster Presentation [750Kb])


Increase in PTSD among UK veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq – new research. The Conversation UK Online.

Invited Talks.

Digital Technology: The future of e-health. University of Kent. Kent, Uk. 2018.

InDEx: managing alcohol misuse by automation. RE-WORK: Deep Learning in Healthcare – Industry Summit. London, Uk. 2018.

Technology and its role in mental health treatment of the armed forces. Mental Health Technologies Summit – Researcher Links. China. 2018.

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What is deep learning, and why you should care?. Manchester Metropolitan University. UK. 2017.

Information about Drinking for Ex-Serving Personnel - InDEx. Defence Mental Health Conference. Hosted by Defence Mental Health Services, British Armed Forces. 2016.


Expert Chair: Healthcare round table discussions. RE-WORK: Deep Learning in Healthcare – Industry Summit. London, Uk. 2018.

Special Issue: Measuring Behaviour 2018 - Symposia: Facial Expressions Analysis of Human and Animal Behavior Chairs: Daniel Leightley, Adrian Keith Davison and Moi Hoon Yap. (see here for more info)

3D Human Action Recognition and Motion Analysis using Selective Representations. Daniel Leightley. 2015. (PDF [5.2MB])

Vision-based human motion analysis for the development of automated rehabilitation tools. Daniel Leightley, Baihua Li, Jamie S. McPhee, Moi Hoon Yap and Kevin Tan. Manchester Metropolitan University Student Development Day, April 2013. (PDF) [103kb]