Firebase Functions - RESTful API

firebase Feb 15, 2020

Drinks:Ration is under active development, with the trial due to commence in May 2020. As we start to finalise the app for deployment I'll be sharing code snippets, problems and solutions and other odds bits. In this post, I wanted to share how we have developed our RESTful API to handle both front-end and back-end interactions. We often use Firebase for all of our digital projects to allow for scalability, security and cost predictability. Why manage your owners servers when Firebase can do it for you?


To create the RESTful API is very straightforward, it sits on a NodeJS, ExpressJS and a Firebase Cloud Function. I'll skip how to setup as its described elsewhere. But the code you need for the server itself is below. You need to also make sure yu place in the firebase.jsn file a pathway to the API (and function).

Any questions, please do let me know.