InDEx: Open Source iOS and Android Software for Self-Reporting and Monitoring of Alcohol Consumption

publications Apr 13, 2018

I am happy to report that the first paper from InDEx project, funded by the Medical Research Council, has been accepted and published in Journal of Open Research Software. You can read more about the InDEx project via its tag. The paper explains the development and deployment of InDEx, and unlike many other research projects, we have also released the source code.

InDEx is a software package for reporting and monitoring alcohol consumption via a smartphone application. Consumption of alcohol is self-reported by the user, and the app provides a visual representation of drinking behaviour and offers feedback on consumption levels compared to the general population. InDEx is intended as an exemplar app, operating as a standalone smartphone application and is highly customisable for a variety of research domains. InDEx is written in JavaScript, using IONIC framework which is cross-platform and is available under the liberal GNU General Public License (v3).

The software is available from GitHub.

The paper is available here.