The mHealth revolution - The Military Medicine Podcast

index app Jul 1, 2019

Recently, I took part in the Military Medicine Podcast along with Lt Col Norman Jones to discuss InDEx; an app we developed to manage alcohol misuse in veterans of the UK Armed Forces (see more about this here).

You can listen to it below:

Lt Col Norman Jones and Dr Dan Leightley - podcast.

The mHealth revolution. First-hand experiences - Lt Col Norman Jones & Dr Dan Leightley

In episode 6 we interview Lt Col Norman Jones & Dr Dan Leightley, who work at Kings Centre for Military Health Research, and have recently developed a healthcare phone app called “InDEx” – which helps ex-service personnel reduce their alcohol consumption. In the podcast, Lt Col Jones & Dan take us through what the app does, how they developed it, and what the broader opportunities and challenges are for developing healthcare apps in the future.